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16 May/10 Off

Efergy e2: Monitoring your homes energy usage

My house has a problem, we spend an awful lot on electricity; currently we are paying £97/month, and I have no idea where its going. Its true we have a lot of computers in the house, along with the new LED TV we bought last Christmas, but still, we can't be using that much.To help, I have invested in a device to help me track usage over time, the Efergy e2, £43 from thegreenstop, I've had an energy monitor before which has just sat on the mantelpiece showing us the current energy usage, when we are looking at it; but this device is different, it stores the readings in its memory and then allows you to download them to your PC so that you can see how much energy you are using, and how much you are spending. Efergy e2 e-link software

For each hour of the day, you can see what the average usage is, and it allows you to view historical information as well, genius! I've already found that when I first installed it, even when we were sleeping the house was using 400watts of electricity, costing around £0.05p/hour, doesn't sound much, but that cost alone is £438/year. So I've been round, unplugged some kit we weren't using (old PVR, XBox etc), last night the lowest reading was 185watts, over half - so I think we are well on the way.