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7 Jul/12 Off

Wordpress to Jekyll?

As you can probably tell, I'm running my own version of Wordpress which works fine for my needs, however, this causes me some concerns; firstly, security, Wordpress is great, but its dynamic and written in PHP, so anyone can have a pop at hacking the site - not good. Secondly, I have to host the site, and because it requires some compute power, its costing me $8/month for a Virtual Private Server in the US; Finally, scalability, I doubt that this site will ever be very popular, but if it ever got Slashdotted, or re-tweeted by someone like Raspberry Pi, then I'm in now doubt that my site would be on its knees in seconds.To this end, I 've been looking at alternatives, and hosting a static site on Amazon S3, which looks very cost effective and scalable, in fact I have been hosting another site on Amazon S3 and haven't incurred any cost yet, because the traffic is so low :)

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